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If you’re in the Auckland region and are looking for a top-notch polished concrete floor, Polished Concrete & Epoxy Flooring is your go-to service. Our experienced pros bring their expertise to craft beautiful, long-lasting floors that will truly bring out the unique character of any room while protecting it from harsh conditions. On top of this, we offer an extensive selection of protective coatings so that no matter what style or color you choose, our durable polished concrete can withstand whatever life throws its way!

At their state-of-the-art facility, they make sure that each concrete slab is crafted with the most exact measurements and accuracy. They only employ diamond grinding tools and polishing pads to guarantee that every single requirement of concrete polishing is met.

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Polished concrete is a popular and affordable way to achieve stylish flooring solutions. With minimal upkeep required, these concrete floors can be formed into various shapes and shades while lasting for decades with correct maintenance. The natural appeal of polished surfaces makes them desirable among customers, offering options like the medium grind, semi-gloss or full grind finished look that provides an eye-catching result.

Polished concrete is an exceptional choice for New Zealand homes, providing unparalleled advantages like minimized dust accumulation, stain resistance and anti-slip surfaces. The process entails grinding the surface layer with increasingly finer abrasive tools until a mirror finish is achieved. To protect against stains caused by oils as well as other damaging agents, plus fading from UV exposure over time – industrial strength polymer sealers are applied at the final step of this procedure.

Using specialized cleaning agents can shield your floors from enduring damage caused by day-to-day wear, preserving their sparkling elegance. Investing in a high quality polished concrete service will provide you with robust and dazzling flooring that will intensify any business or residential area!

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Polished Concrete & Epoxy FlooringHow long does Concrete Polishing take?

Refurbishing concrete can be laborious, but the results are always worth it. It all starts with thorough cleaning and application of an abrasive slurry or strip to replenish the surface. Afterwards, diamonds are used for coarse grinding which levels and shapes the material while simultaneously unveiling latent details such as aggregates or other embedded elements; this also minimizes porosity of your concrete slab.

After the surface is leveled and smoothed, diamond grinders are used to hone it for a perfect shine. To ensure that this finish lasts for years on end, professional-grade chemicals are applied as a final sealant. Depending upon the size of your project in addition to the complexity of your desired outcome, concrete polishing takes up anywhere between one day and multiple days.

What Is Polished Concrete and What Are the Benefits Over Other Flooring Options?

Opting for polished concrete flooring is a wise choice. It’s constructed from professional diamond-ground concrete and refined to give off an illustrious, mirror finish—an effect that can’t be obtained with other popular alternatives. Not only does it look great, but its practical advantages are undeniable too!

  • To begin with, its classic lines and clean design create a modern look that can easily fit any home decor.
  • Additionally, polished concrete floors are exceptionally resilient and can withstand high levels of foot traffic or day-to-day use without the risk of wear and tear.
  • Polished concrete is not only extremely low-maintenance, but also budget-friendly when you compare it to ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. This makes polished concrete a great choice for both home renovations and new construction projects.
  • A hard concrete surface is the key to warding off dust mites and other pesky pests.

What Type of Maintenance Is Required to Keep a Polished Concrete Floor Looking Its Best Over Time?

To keep your polished floor in pristine condition long-term, you’ll need to practice regular maintenance and conduct occasional deep cleanings. All that’s needed for everyday upkeep is a quick sweep and mop to remove any dirt or debris.

To protect your concrete floor from damage, it is essential to promptly wipe up spills and utilize the appropriate cleaner or chemical-free solutions. Additionally, for optimal longevity of your floors, an annual professional diamond-grinding session is strongly recommended – especially in areas that experience high foot traffic or have been exposed to harsh cleaning products.

Furthermore, regular wax applications will help keep the concrete floor sealant looking vibrant and glossy for years! This ensures a layer of protection from dirt and water damage too.

With consistent maintenance, you can ensure your polished concrete floors remain pristine for years to come. Taking these few simple steps will guarantee an impressive shine is always maintained!

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Benefits of Hiring Pros for Polished Concrete

When wanting to revamp your property through the use of polished concrete, it’s essential that you contact Polished Concrete & Epoxy Flooring. These experienced experts guarantee top-notch results by using premium materials and cutting-edge proceedings while also taking all security measures necessary for protecting not only your premises but anyone present on the site.

In addition, these professionals understand the value of staying within a specified budget and completing projects by their designated deadlines. This ensures that clients have an enjoyable experience throughout the entire process. If you’re seeking quality craftsmanship with impeccable results, but safety is also at top of mind for your next project, then hire this team – they are sure to exceed all expectations!

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