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Polished Concrete & Epoxy Flooring Offers an elite epoxy paint service that is guaranteed to last for years. Our highly experienced team has decades of knowledge in dealing with all sorts of resin-based floor coverings and will collaborate closely with you to guarantee the ideal solution for your residential or commercial property. We only utilize premium products, from epoxy to resins, so we can create a reliable flooring system – one which looks amazing but still provides long-lasting protection!

Our epoxy floors offer a sophisticated yet practical solution, boasting water and fire resistance, easy cleaning capabilities, and minimal maintenance. With a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from for installation or the ability to create an exclusive design just for you based on your specifications; our experts can provide precisely what you need. Make sure that your next flooring project is both stylish and enduring with our renowned epoxy flooring!

What to Expect From the Service of Epoxy Flooring

When selecting to incorporate epoxy flooring into your home or business, you must be aware of what precisely this service can provide. A professional team will apply specifically designed sealants and coverings that allow for a non-porous, abiding surface with exceptional performance that is resistant to stains and easier to clean.

Before installing your epoxy flooring, our experts will use the most suitable polishing methods for the area where it is to be installed. Afterward, we take extra care and pay attention to detail so that each installation looks flawless and requires minimal upkeep – allowing you to enjoy a beautiful upgraded surface that lasts for years! So let’s get going on this amazing transformation today! Contact us right away!


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Benefits of Hiring Polished Concrete Pros for Epoxy Flooring

Homeowners seeking an affordable, enduring, and aesthetically-pleasing option should consider recruiting our flooring experts for polished concrete epoxy floors in Auckland. Boasting remarkable longevity that make them perfect for use in busy and heavily trafficked areas of the home, these kinds of floors are also easy to clean and maintain. On top of all that, they lend a modern flair with added depth and character to any interior!When you hire polished concrete experts for your epoxy floor bedding, you can rest assured that the job will be done with care and precision. This guarantees a durable flooring solution that will last year after year. Plus, these professionals are able to achieve an exquisite aesthetic result that DIY installation simply cannot produce – making it worth every penny!

What Is Epoxy Flooring, and What Are the Benefits of Using It in Your Home or Business?

Epoxy flooring is an ideal way to upgrade your concrete floors. Not only does it provide a sleek and durable surface, but it also offers numerous benefits like stain-resistance, moisture repellance, and easy cleaning due to its nonporous coating. It’s no surprise why epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings as a safe yet stylish choice for any space!

Additionally, epoxy flooring can be personalized to whatever colour or pattern you desire in order to create a look that is tailored for your home or business. Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, it’s not hard to understand why this type of floor covering has become so prominent amongst homes and commercial spaces nationwide. With these remarkable advantages, why would anyone turn down the choice of epoxy floors?

What Are the Installation Procedures for Epoxy Flooring, and How Long Will It Take To Complete the Project?

Applying epoxy flooring calls for meticulous preparation and exact execution. To guarantee successful installation, the area must first be thoroughly cleaned and tested to identify any irregularities like chips or holes that need repairs. Depending on your surface condition, you may also require a primer coat. The mindful planning of these steps will ensure a durable finish that looks fantastic!

After each layer of epoxy is applied and dried, it’s important to check for any stray particles or foreign materials. To ensure the longest lasting protection, a sealant should be added as an extra layer of security. All in all, depending on how expansive your project may be, epoxy flooring can take between 1-3 days to finish up.

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Epoxy Flooring Installation Tips

Fear not – making the transition to epoxy flooring doesn’t have to be scary! To ensure a seamless and successful installation, here are some important tips that could make all the difference. Firstly, it is essential to give your space an in-depth clean before anything else; this step should never be overlooked. Then comes measuring out the area you’re working with so as to buy precisely what’s needed for completion of the job. Last but certainly not least: double-check that there aren’t any obstacles within said space – no matter how small they may appear!

Additionally, for the strongest adherence and longest lasting flooring results, always make sure to fill any divots or cracks before pouring your epoxy. When blending the resin base and hardener, don’t be afraid to put in some elbow grease! Lastly, patience is a virtue when it comes to ensuring that everything has completely cured: wait for several hours after application before moving back furniture into place or walking on top of it. Follow these steps closely – you’ll have an epoxy floor made with maximum durability that will stand up against heavy duty use over time!

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How to Choose the Right Epoxy Flooring for Your Home

Investing in the right epoxy flooring is crucial to achieving a long-lasting and attractive surface. When selecting your own epoxy floor, make sure you’re taking into account factors like budget, lifestyle, maintenance needs– Do you have kids that will be running around? Want a glossy or matte finish for your home? Every detail matters when it comes to picking out an ideal floor!

Narrowing down your options and selecting the perfect flooring for years of beauty doesn’t have to be difficult. Doing a bit of research on epoxy floors, such as exploring various brands in the market with their pros & cons, can help you make an informed decision that will leave you delighted. Answering some key questions beforehand will also ensure success!

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